Indoor Curved Stairlifts

Access to Freedom specializes in curved rail stairlifts from Stannah stairlifts. Stannah by far is the finest curved rail lift available today. Our curved rail stairlifts have stylish rails made of two steel tubes that bend around almost any corner and can be designed in almost any configuration. Compare the Stannah 260 to other units on the market and you will notice right away the difference in the rail and how much better the steel tubes look compared to the big obtrusive rails of other units. With the tightest turns in the industry and features such as smooth battery power, stylish seats and upholstery and safety edges all around, we are sure that you will not find a better value in the industry.

Curved Stairlift Features

  • Battery power with a trickle-charge system that is constantly trickle-charging the batteries with 24 volts of power. This virtually eliminates the biggest cause of service calls (dead batteries) that affects the more basic stairlifts you may see advertised. In the event of an outage the stairlift will typically give you 10-20 round trips on battery power alone should the power to your house go out.
  • Folds-up out of the way. The seat, arms and footrest fold up so that they are out of the way of the foot traffic going up and down the stairs.
  • A swivel seat. At the top of the stairs the stairlift can be swiveled to face onto the top landing, so that the back of the chairs blocks the stairs behind the user.
  • An optional powered swivel seat. With a manually-swiveled seat (on any stairlift, not just ours) the user has to stand close to the top of the stairs to swivel the chair. Our popular powered swivel seat allow the user to swivel the chair by simply pushing the button on a remote – safer!
  • Stylish Seat and Upholstery options. Stannah offers a choice of seats, with both the standard Siena and upgraded Starla. Both of these chairs come in a variety of colors and fabric.
  • The best rail systems in the industry. We offer the smoothest turns and the least intrusive rails in the industry. Compare for yourself.

SIENA 260 Curved Spec Sheet – Download

STARLA  260 Curved Spec Sheet – Download


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> We GUARANTEE a 24 hour service response time
> We NEVER outsource any work
> We do all of our own installations
> We are fully licensed by the state of California
> CSLB License #786659
> We stay with you for the life of your chair

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We are very proud to offer a unique rental program for our straight stairlifts.

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Client Review

"Great service. Installation was done as requested and product has worked very well. Had a small problem that was fixed very quickly. I recommend Access to Freedom for all who need help using stairs. Good people too."